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Fermented Rice: A neglected Vitamin store
Pazhaya saadam - the word means "old rice". This is a Traditional wisdom of South India. A wonderful healthy eating life style now ignored in Modern India and ridiculed as a poor man's life-style food.
In olden days, all farmers and all laborers who did lot of physical work ate this fermented rice food for breakfast. This gives sustained energy with all natural nutritional supplements which comes from the fermenting bacteria in it. It is so soothing for the intestines and does not irritate it because the rice is fermented and digested by bacteria. Another plus point is these trillions of bacteria will produce copious amount of B complex Vitamins and vitamin B12 ( a good source for vegetarians) and K vitamins and also add to the fiber in the stool preventing constipation.

People, from their personal experiences,admit that they lost almost 8 pounds by eating 10 days fermented rice and fermented barley with yogurt ( in USA) , the temperature is generally less optimum for making fermented rice unlike in India).

Eating natural foods for a month can bring down the blood parameters to normal. Here is the report of one of my patients who tried this. He took fermented rice and fermented barley using organic-whole-milk-yogurt for 10 days and checked his blood parameters before and after this regimen.

For lunch he took this fermented rice along with a cup of cooked vegetables (each day a different one).


Blood parameters checked before and after eating Fermented Food 

                                                               Day-1                              Day-20                  
Fasting sugar (mg/dl)                                  108                                 92 
2hrs after meal (mg/dl)                                123                                106 
Cholesterol (mg/dl)                                      193                                172 
Triglycerides (mg/dl)                                    155                                125 
Weight (Kg)                                                  82                                  76 
Blood Pressure                                             123/80                           101/70 


For breakfast and Lunch, eating more carbohydrates like brown-rice and hulled-barley will not increase the values. But on the contrary, the values will come down. At night, eating well riped fruits like grapes, cherries, bananas, apples etc is good.

Soak Brown rice or hulled-barley (dont use white pearl-barley) overnight and then cook with excess water in pressure cooker. Then add a cup of Indian curd (yogurt) in room temperature and allow to ferment overnight (keep in oven in cold winters to give warmth).

In Cold countries, to ferment rice, add yogurt to rice and keep it overnight. In USA and UK commercial yogurt is made using two bacterias, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. But it is slimy and soury. In India, Lactobacillus casei is used. The taste of Indian curd is really good.

You can also use butter milk, which is yogurt without the cream.

To make home made yogurt, boil milk (quarter gallon) and when it is luke warm add 2 or 3 ounces of yogurt. Allow it to ferment overnight.

What rice to use?

Use brown rice for fermentation instead of white rice.  Converted or parboiled rice has been treated with steam to force nutrients into the kernel before polishing takes place. Its nutritional value lies between brown and white rice. Refined rice is one of the cause of soaring diabetes in rice eating population.

Brown rice, which has undergone only enough milling to remove the indigestible outer hull, is the most nutritious form. Further processing results in white rice, which has lost the bran and germ. It cooks more quickly and is easier to store than whole grain brown) rice, but is much lower in protein and minerals.
But soaking, makes brown rice very palatable. After cooking rice, then ferment the rice when it is slightly warm or completely cool. Hulled barley (not pearl white barley) can be used instead of rice for kidney problems and heat in the body.
Why fermented rice?

The gut microbiota, the bacteria that populate  in trillions in the human gastrointestinal tract perform a variety of chores. These "friendly" microbes help extract calories from what we eat, help store these calories for later use, and provide energy and nutrients for the production of new bacteria to continue this work.

So by eating fermented rice, we actually introduce healthy bacteria into our body. The stomach pH kills most of the bacteria in the fermented rice , but remember some of them manages to sneak into the intestines and produce a healthy bacterial colony that even relieves constipation, because they add as fiber to the stools.

Misleading education.

The bacteria in our gut is more in numbers than the total number of human cells. We can even say that we are just a human bag of bacteria. From the time of discovery of penicillin, we have been educated with a wrong notion that bacteria is bad for our health. But recent studies shows that "keeping too clean" leads to many allergy diseases. In fact the bacteria in our atmosphere and body acts as natural vaccinations. We also found that a decrease in the healthy gut bacteria leads to increased allergy problems.

After repeated studies modern science is now slowly accepting the fact that bacteria flora in the body is very very important. Disrupting the environment of natural bacteria can lead to a plethora of diseases and obesity. 

Makeup of each person's gut microflora influences their health, and abnormalities in gut microbes have been linked to diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

A specific population of bacteria present in our gut is crucial to our health. However, some treatments for cancer, particularly those that deplete the body's immune cells, have a high potential to disrupt the natural balance between our body and the commensal microorganisms, resulting in diseases. Studies show that body irradiation in cancer treatment depends on the type of healthy intestinal bacteria. Experiments in mice showed that the mice having good healthy gut bacteria, responded effectively to radiation. Conversely, a reduction in the number of host microorganisms by the use of antibiotics reduced the beneficial effects of TBI on tumor regression in these animals.


Avoid taking antibiotics and medications that destroy the natural bacteria, unless it is unavoidable. Most of our children take medications that distrupts the gut bacteria frequently and make them vulnerable to more infections. We are using them for temporary relief of cold and fevers, but in the long run, we are increasing the chances of developing other serious diseases.

Use only organic milk

 It is better to avoid milk if organic milk is not available Non-organic milk comes from cows fed with lots of antibiotics and other hormones which eventually gets into our system. Lazy and ignorant modern mothers give their children this unhealthy milk to children. The chemicals in this milk destroy the gut bacteria in children leading to variuos diseases. and malnutrition. Parents usually complain that their children gets infections from the school. They dont realize that it all comes from unhealthy eating habits and life style of the children, for  which everyone is responsible.

Preparation of Pazhaya saddam pazhankanji / kulutha choru and Paaniwala chawal in hindi.

Cook rice and soak in plain water over-night preferably in a clay vessel or porcelain container. Keep it in a warm place  so that healthy bacteria can grow in it. Next day morning mix it with a small quantity of buttermilk (optional) , chopped shallots (pearl onions) and salt.
Eat (or drink as gruel) this highly nutritious vitamin B rich fermented food that will quench the acidity of the body. This is the best and only available source of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians. It also restores healthy intestinal flora (bacteria) and relieves all diseases related to stomach and intestines, like dueodenal ulcers, infectious colitis, Ischemic colitis, Radiation colitis, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Diverticular disease, Hemorrhoids, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), celiac disease , candida infections etc.
These bacteria also contributes to add the bulk of feces and relieves constipation.

Ignoring this energizer food recipe, we are going after fad energy boosting foods and supplements like power bars, boosts, horlicks, which cause more damage than good.