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Welcome to Acu Touch ~ Save World Without Drugs !!

Acupuncture (Acu Touch) treatment is an art of curing disease by a single touch on the surface of the skin using the fingertip. This is nothing but Acupuncture which China follows for more than 8000 years. We incorporated 'Indian Naadi' diagnosis with Acupuncture. Along wth AcuTouch we do Acupuncture using needles and Acupressure as needed.

How about treating diseases without medicine, without any painful procedures, without operations, without compromising your natural food habits, no matter which part of the globe you stay. Sounds good, hmm... we are into such phenomenal and natural way of healing.

Unfortunately this has been suppressed for various monitory reasons, but we are fortunate to still know this secret. Let's know more about this and spread this secret so that this will continue to our next generations to come.

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