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Philosophy of Acu Touch

My quest 

The exploration/quest about the real cause of diseases and sufferings of humanity, as a doctor, lead me to astounding revelations about health and disease.

 I was always wondering why the modern medicine, in spite of extensive development in technology, stumbles upon major health issues and fall short in providing relief to the ailing humanity. I was curious why Medical science is consistently failing to find the real cause of disease. Later I realised that the current concept about the cause and evolution of disease is wrong.

Diseases are not caused by external influences alone. The inner self can cure all imbalances in the body and mind. But due to some reasons, it is not working properly, which in-turn results in disease. So, first of all, we should know the factors that affect the smooth functioning of normal mechanism of our body. 

Medical thoughts of Ancient India 

The medical science could not be complete without finding the real cause of the disease. Indian culture (living practices followed by Indians before foreign invasions) and revelations made by rishis throws light on the essence of human life. We will get more insight on healthy living from Adharva Veda ( Adharva- ancient rishi, veda-knowledge) and samhitas.

 In Charaka samhita it is stated that life (ayu) is a combination (samyoga) of body, senses, mind and soul. Rig veda is one of the oldest philosophical texts in the world. The verses in Rig veda relates the five basic elements of the entire creation with the primary forces of universe....fire,earth,water,air and space (five elements/panchabhootas).

Change in the proportion of ‘five elements’ will affect the free flow of life energy or Naadi. Or in other words a change in the free flow of naadi will disturb the equilibrium of five elements.  A healer will identify the factors which affected the Naadi of a person. He will correct the flow of Naadi and will advise to follow certain techniques to maintain the equilibrium of ‘five elements’.

 Vedic scriptures help us to identify, analyze and understand the things happening around us in this world and how to relate it to the things happening inside our body.

Modern Medicine & Vedic thoughts 

This is an effort to relate modern science into the concept of soul, mind and body. Medical science is already aware of the existence of mind and its effect on body. When mental conditions (or thoughts) affect our body and produce biochemical changes leading to physical illnesses (psoriasis, acid peptic disease, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a lot more), we call it psychosomatic diseases.

Mind (emotions & thoughts) can make changes in electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram. So we may consider mind as an energy. A power source can be traced out in waves with three basic qualities such as amplitude, frequency and mode. From our Vedas we know soul or life force is also an energy, which gives life to a body. When the life force leaves the body we call it dead.

 When two types of powers (life energy & mind energy) acts simultaneously in one medium (our body), a new wave pattern with a distinct frequency, amplitude and mode develop. This wave traverses through all the organ systems and every minute cell. The cell function is controlled by the nucleus (genetic material). The nucleus functions according to the directions given by the life force. But the changes in the mind will affect certain faculties of life energy. It will not allow the natural life energy to function normally.

Once the frequency of vital force is disturbed it will reflect in the functioning of the cells also. A change in frequency of any of the two energies (Life energy & mind energy) affects the cells and organ systems and thus creates an altered state of mind and body termed as disease.

Mind waves change with positive and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts will have a positive effect and negative thoughts a negative effect on the wave pattern. Each and every cell is tuned to function at its optimum in a specific frequency with prefixed amplitude.

The life force is influenced by various factors.

1. Thoughts (stored memories related to past) and emotions of the person. 

2. Thoughts and emotions of other people. 

3. Cosmic forces (eg: celestial objects like sun, moon, planets etc, electric/magnetic radiations). 

4. External agents like microbes, drugs, injury etc.

Energy distribution

In a healthy body, let the energy saved from food and respiration be 99%. Body uses 33% of this energy for daily activities, 33% of energy for digestion and the rest 33% of energy for maintenance and repair of body cells and tissues. When a person gets ill, the body may sometimes use the energy allotted to digestion also for fighting the disease. That’s why we lose appetite when we are ill. In such occasions we should listen to the language of our body and act accordingly.


Disease or a group of symptoms is nothing but the effort made by the body to eliminate/expel waste in order to purify the body and restore health. 

Healing by Acu Touch 

Acupuncture is based on the principle that the life force flows through certain channels called meridians and the deficiencies or stagnancy in the meridians is the real cause of disease. These deficiencies are caused by the above said factors. By balancing the deficiencies/excess, the life energy starts flowing freely and in full vigor. This leads to natural cure. Acupuncture healer uses Naadi to diagnose the imbalance in the system. Once the flow of life energy is corrected, certain techniques should be followed for a period of time, to preserve the equilibrium. Once elimination of toxins is complete, the person gets cured of the disease he had been suffering.