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Acutouch Healing is a dynamic treatment that uses hands-on and hands-off techniques to scan your body's electrical circuitry system. 

These unique techniques can access and positively affect your body's physiological and psychological systems ability to function on an enhanced level.

Acutouch Healing techniques pinpoints your primary blockage points that are the root cause of each of your physical and psychological: illnesses, injuries, issues, conditions and symptoms.

Due to the use, abuse, misuse, disuse and lack of servicing that your body's systems has to endure during a life-time, these blockages in the your body's circuitry causes your body to work in an adaptive and less efficient way. Similarly it has a limited ability to heal, repair and recover. 

Acutouch Healing dynamic techniques can:

·Re-wire your body's circuitry system and brain;

·Press some master reset buttons;

·Release memory patterns [physical and psychological];

·(Re-) activate your body's healing and repair mechanisms;

·Enhance cellular regeneration;

·Enhance your body's ability to function and repair: effectively, efficiently and preventatively

Most importantly without the you having to address on a cognitive level.... the why's, when's and how's!!!

The unique and powerful tool that Acutouch Healing techniques use at all stages of treatment is the full body scan with the hand (naadi). 

Naadi Scanning is used to:

·Pinpoint the Primary Blockage Points that need to be treated on the day of the treatment, rather than determining it on your case history or past treatment.

·Pace and prioritise the treatment rather than relying on text-book treatments or body maps.

·Manipulate the blocked points with the finger to send messages to your brain to (re-) activate your body's healing and repair mechanisms along this blockage line.

·Enhance neuron communication [re-wiring of your brain] and your body's neurological system.

- Defragmentate your body's physiological and psychological systems. 

- Release the memory patterns on a cellular [physical], neurological and psychological [mind] levels.


Acutouch Healing Clinic 

Dr Arun Vasudevan, founder of the Acutouch Healing Foundation is an acknowledged expert in the field of Acutouch Healing. His Acutouch Healing Clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, specializes in treating debilitating, difficult and long-term symptoms. 

Acutouch Healing is a non-invasive, hands-on/off technique that is used to access your body's energy circuitry system, to enhance dramatically your own body's ability to repair and function.

The dynamic and unique Acutouch Healing techniques utilize the eyes and hands to scan and manipulate your body's electrical circuitry system. This can have a fundamental affect in bringing order to your body's cells in respect of your physical symptoms, while on a psychological and emotional level can transform your perception of your world by way of re-wiring your brain.

Do you want to...?

·Overcome debilitating, difficult & long-term symptoms.

·Increase your body's ability to repair & heal itself.

·Move beyond your hyper-sensitivities & intolerances.

·Overcome anxiety, stress & depressive thoughts.

·Move beyond physical, energy & emotional blockages.

·Overcome the root cause that manifests as pain in your body.

·Function effectively in your day-to-day life.

·Feel Connected.

·Break through your boundaries & limitations and realize your full potential.

What is Acutouch going to do for you?

Acutouch Healing is a single source of treatment that works beyond the textbook - addressing you as an individual. It is suitable and safe for both adults and children and can help you to achieve a heightened level of results.

Acutouch Healing uses dynamic techniques that can pinpoint the root cause of your issues. It addresses the entwinement of your mind & body and how each affects the other. 

Treatment can enable you to: recover from long-term chronic and difficult symptoms; move you beyond your blockages; and enhance recovery levels.