Guidelines to be followed by the patient for optimal Health

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"...........Hippocrates.

Please read the following guidelines patiently from the beginning to the end and if found wisdomful and an inner will to follow diligently, would be the most eligible person to continue with this mode of therapy.

Do not expect a miracle cure from this therapy, it is your body which heals itself, you'll have to abide by the natural law and have full faith in what you are following for positive results. Only such patients who can take their own responsibility need continue with this mode of treatment.

Patients who wish to adapt or change in their existing life styles only need apply these techniques to themselves, if found appropriate and satisfactory to their wisdom.

1. We should eat only when we are hungry.

2. We should not eat when we are not hungry.

3. Avoid food if you have nausea, bad taste in the mouth, difficulty in swallowing and no appetite.

4. Chew your food before swallowing with mouth closed.

5. Drink water half an hour before or after food.

6. When we feel thirsty, we should immediately drink sufficient quantity of water by slowly sipping to quench our thirst.

7. There is no prescribed quantity of water that we have to compulsorily drink every day.

8. Dinner if needed, should be taken at least before 7 pm for chronically ill patients.

9. Do not use milk, milk powder and milk products in any form, use only sparingly just only to satisfy your greed.

10. Try to use home grown vegetables and fruits.

11. Do not indulge in habits like consuming alcohol, cigarette or tobacco smoking, pan-masala, ghutka and other unhealthy vices.

12. Diabetic patients can consume fruits which is naturally ripe and sweet. Avoid sour fruits.

13. During any fever, any unbearable pain anywhere in the body, diarrhea, vomiting etc do not take any food till fever or pain subsides, even take water only spoonfuls only if thirsty. When sick, take complete bed rest with closed eyes avoiding TV and computer, because even eyes need extreme rest.

14. Taking medicines in any form will only help in temporarily relieving your symptoms; it will not cure your disease per se because the cause of disease is unknown.

15. Always try to maintain a positive attitude and avoid skepticism when you follow any thing with deep faith and your free will.

16. As our basic needs like food, water, air and rest are taken only on bodily demands we slowly begin to follow ourselves ie; mindfulness, this can gradually evolve us towards greater heights, thus being healthy physically and mentally.

17. Even your thoughts and emotions like bad thoughts, envy, resentment, anger, pride, worry, depression, fear, etc can produce auto-toxins in the body, which has to be detoxified to maintain health.

Here Classical Acu Touch Therapy plays the role of only balancing the five elements (Panchabhootas) by correcting the flow of  Naadi, which have been drastically altered by careless living styles / unwanted symptomatic medications.

Note :

The Acupuncture doctor or healer is in no way responsible for the patient's violation of food habits, wrong living, using intoxicants; side-effects, after-effects or withdrawal symptoms experienced by the patients after having undergone various drug or medicine therapies prior to or during this drugless therapy.

This is only a patient guide, not intended for advertisement or circulation among public.