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Ebola The Scare crow !!



Ebola is a ghost disease, spread as mischievous propaganda by some of the Big Pharmaceutical companies in US. There is no disease called 'Ebola', swine, bird, hiv, hepatitis etc. It cannot be cured because it is not there. But the false propaganda caused so much panic in the people's hearts and made them get psychologically affected. It is a ghost disease spread by the business people to psychologically affect the people at large. 


Epidemics (like Ebola) is false knowledge.  All individuals are distinctly different from one another, be it your parents or kith and kins. Each one is qualitatively distinct and different by way of his mind. But if their minds are following altogether, the cries of the knowledge (falsehood) of men become like a sheep,  then they cease to be a qualitatively distinct individual human anymore. Whatever they fear in their heart will happen. Epidemics are a ghost created through fear instilled and propagated as man's knowledge  We should not  entertain such terminologies and feel free of any diseases that the media (paid) tries to propagate.