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Differences between  Complimentary/acupuncture  therapy and conventional therapy.

                Acutouch                                              Conventional therapy


Diagnosis may be unnecessary

Diagnosis required

Diagnosis by intuitive perceptions

Diagnosis by history, laboratory tests

Symptoms involve body, emotions, mind and  spirit.

Symptoms primarily physical. Emotions, mind, spirit are considered secondary

Diagnosis may vary between diagnosticians

Diagnosis should be consistent between diagnosticians


Holistic approach includes body, emotions, mind, relationships and spirit

Discrete elements of therapies focused on body.

Treatments may be specific or nonspecific,may involve bioenergies and may be focused by actions or by the mind of the therapist

Treatments are discrete and specific within physical parameters

Interventions to uncover underlying cause of problems, restore harmony.

Treatments to repair malfunctioning or damaged organism

Responsible participant takes active role in healing

Therapist diagnoses, prescribes and administers treatment.


Symptoms and diseases  are indications of dis-harmonies in the body, mind, emotions, relationships  and spirit

Symptoms and diseases are evidence of malfunctions of the physical body

Spiritual aspects may be viewed as the most important elements of health

Physical aspects are the most important. Spiritual issues are related to clergy.

Mind and body are unitary parts of one entity and constantly interact directly with one another.

Mind and body are separate

Healing action effective from any distance

Action is local. Distance diminishes force.

The present moment encompasses the past,present and future time frames. Hence the treatment can be directed at any of the three time intervals. 

Treatment can be administered for symptoms that occur only in the present moment. 

Physical death is a transition to spiritual dimensions.

Physical death terminates existence.

Death is a natural part of existence and healing into death is a good healing.

Death is to be avoided and fought against at all costs.

Explanations are both/and

Explanations are in either/ or


During the course of Acutouch treatments, some patients, whose health do not improve tend to become sceptical and feel guilty for having chosen Acutouch over conventional therapy.

 It is unrealistic to assume that all individuals can change their mindset and attitudes which are clearly beyond their control. All individuals have to undergo some influence of the effects of karma (deeds) in his past or present life.  All illnesses are curable but not all patients.