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Certificate course in Basic Acupuncture Science

                                                   (Drugless Therapy )


Acutouch is an ancient form of Chinese therapy . It is also known as classical acupuncture, since in this method, no needles are used. Instead the therapist uses his finger tip to touch the selected acupuncture point. Acutouch uses Indian Naadi system to diagnose the blocks in the naadi system which in turn causes both mental and physical diseases. Learning Acutouch can save the hospital bills of you and your family. No medicines are used. Training includes meditation, mindfulness, basic acupuncture points, channels etc. People from all walks of life can join the course. The duration of course will be six months. Classes will be conducted only on Sundays/Saturdays.

Need of the Course

To train and educate the society to lead and live a healthy life without fear about diseases and drugs. To live with the nature's tune by following a simple and normal life style based on the principles of acupuncture science. To communicate the various merits of this therapy to the society in a systematic manner To inculcate an appropriate perception and insight into various aspects of Acupuncture Science (Drugless therapy) to the learners

Objectives of the course

 To make familiar about basic human anatomy, physiology and common medical systems in practice.

 To give complete knowledge about acupuncture Science, fundamental theories on which acupuncture science derived

 To give adequate knowledge about acupuncture Channels, Points and their locations, relationship with organs

 To give a practical knowledge and training on diagnosis methods to conclude the deficiency and to select an appropriate acupuncture point for treatment

 Eligibility:  Graduate in any domain. The applicant should enjoy an average level of health and be free from serious illness of defects.

Course of study

The course of study shall comprise theoretical instructions, supervised practical training in diagnosis methods and treatment.

 Introduction of Human Anatomy & Physiology

 History, Philosophy, Application of Acupuncture.

Total Class Hours: 48 hours


 Unit I

Anatomy, Physiology and vital energy flow Anatomy of organs  Respiratory System  Digestive System  Reproductive System  Lymphatic System  Muscular System  Skeletal System  Nervous System

Explanation - Energy Flow in organs is physiology  Internal Energy  External Energy Energy Distribution Acupunture physiology.

Unit II

Cell & Digestive systems Cell  definition - Assimilation and Elimination - morbid stagnation - importance of lysosome - digestive system an introduction - digestive process in mouth - digestive process in stomach - digestive process in Small intestine and its ancillary parts  3 parts of Small intestine  Digestive process in Large intestine - 6 parts of Large intestine Energy from Food & Taste - Appetite  Food  Health

Unit III

Location of Yin and Yang organs Yin organs (cold) of Five elements :Heart (HT) and - Spleen (SP) - Lungs (LU) - Kidney (KI) - Liver (LR) Yang (hot) organs of Five elements: Small Intestine (SI) - Stomach (ST) -Large Intestine (LI) - Urinary bladder (BL) - Gall bladder (GB), Fire Elements - Pericardium (PC) - Triple Energiser (TE)

Unit IV

Principles of Five elements and Five Element Organs Functionalities of Fire elements  Functionalities of Earth Elements - Functionalities of Air Elements - Functionalities of Water Elements - Functionalities of Wood Elements. Medical terminology  Most Commonly used Prefix - Most Commonly used Suffix

Unit V

Treatment of common disorders eg. Bronchial asthma, rhinitis, migraine, frozen shoulder, Cervical spondylosis, Backache, Lumbar pain, Sciatica, Knee pain, Heel pain, Poly-arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Gout, , Skin / Eye/ Ear diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Menstrual disorders, Hypertension, Heart/ Liver/ Kidney disorders, Addiction, Acne, Abdominal disorders , Mental retardation, Depression, Anxiety, Parkinsonism, Impotence, Sterility etc


At the end of the course the learner will be able to

Understand the anatomy and physiology of organs

Understand the location and principles of Yin and Yang organs

Know Five element theory.

Know commonly used medical terminologies

Know the history of Acupuncture

Know about Morbid stagnation and eliminations theory.

Understand the concept of Yin  Yang theory.

Management of common diseases.

NB: Indian Govt. has recognised Acupuncture as a Mode of Therapy to be practiced by Registered Medical Practioners or Appropriately trained personnel (Order by Central Ministry of Health dated 25th Nov.03) Rules and regulations laid down by the Indian Govt. will be applicable to the doctors undergoing training. We don't hold any legal responsibility for the practice of the learner.

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