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Acupuncture (Acu Touch) treatment is an art of curing disease by a single touch on the surface of the skin using the fingertip. This is nothing but Acupuncture which China follows for more than 8000 years. 

In a persons body there is flow of energy and it is known as Prana in India and Chi in China. Acutouch revitalizes the body by making the flow of life force correct and removing the blockages.

Acutouch technique is almost the same as acupuncture but fingers are used to make the energy flow in a perfect rhythm and removing the blockages. There are 360 acupuncture points in our body distributed along the acupuncture meridians in the front and back of our body. When the selected acupuncture point  in hand is touched (no pressure) lightly the body gets revitalized.  The touch makes the free flow of Chi. Acutouch has been widely popular in Japan and China. It is slowly making a name in the western world as well. Acutouch helps in treating various illness and pain. It also helps in relaxing the body and mind.

It helps in treating nearly 140 ailments like high blood pressure, stroke, paralysis, glandular dieases, allergies, intestinal dieases, liver diseases, mental diseases, cancer etc. Acutouch can be tried on any body (children & adults) and it as such has no known side effects. Acutouch uses nature's power to heal and control pain. It is one of the safest and natural ways to treat pain in the body.


Dr Arun Vasudevan, founder of the Acutouch Healing Foundation is an acknowledged expert in the field of Acutouch Healing. His Acutouch Healing Clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, specializes in treating debilitating, difficult and long-term symptoms. He is a medical graduate (BHMS)from Kerala University and registered with Indian Medical Council in 1996. Postgraduated (MBS)from one of the largest and well known univesrity in Great Britain The Ulster University. Took Diploma in Acupuncture (D Acu) from BSS, an India Govt body. 


Acu touch uses pulse reading ( Naadi used in ancient Indian medicine) based on panchabhootas (five elements) for deciding the treatment plan. The center of deficiency is diagnosed by the Acupuncture Pulse Diagnosis. Then the chosen acupuncture point, as indicated by the pulse reading, is stimulated by a gentle touch on the hand by the acupuncture healer. The deficiency in the meridians are thus balanced and the body gets rid of the disease by itself.